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The objective is the same, but instead of numbers, you'll have to deal with letters. You should fill in the blanks with the letters you're given. Each row, column, and 3x3 block must contain every letter exactly once. When you start the game, you can choose one of the three different difficulty levels. On the game screen, the board is located at the center. Below it, you can see the various letters you're going to use. You can play this game either with your mouse or with your keyboard. Click on the letter with your mouse or press the letter key on your keyboard to place the characters on the board. You can play this game in 3 different modes. The first one is called the "cell first mode. You click on the cell you want to fill in first and then select the letter you want to enter. The second mode is called "letter first," and it's the opposite of the first one, where you select a letter and then a cell. Lastly, there is the memo mode. This button allows you to write a letter in a cell temporarily. You can alternate between these modes using the buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

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